In March, Bristol City Leap had the pleasure of hosting three bright young minds, Sana, Vijay, and Zachary, through the Bristol Future Talent Partnership. As part of our commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities for young people, we engaged these students in various activities aimed at broadening their understanding of decarbonisation action in our city.

Bristol Future Talent Partnership is a collaboration of leading organisations who share the vision of making Bristol the fairest and most racially equal place to study and work in the UK. Their mission is to end the longstanding multiple inequalities and underrepresentation faced by people from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds in the city, particularly in education and employment. Their approach is to work with young people to raise aspirations, remove barriers and provide talent with opportunity.

Activities that you enjoyed the most

Sana: Participating in the Health & Safety logo design session.
Vijay: Engaging in the Health & Safety logo design session, visiting the Energy Centre in Castle Park, and attending the CV and interview skills workshops.
Zachary: Exploring the Energy Centre in Castle Park, participating in the retrofit and EVI task, and engaging in the Health & Safety logo design session.


Highlights of the Experience

Sana: “I liked talking about the health and safety things.”
Vijay: “I found the Heat Network the most interesting… It was fun to understand how it helps save energy.”
Zachary: “I enjoyed the energy centre in the castle park the most because I wanted to know more about heat and energy systems.”


Influence on Future Career Aspirations

Vijay: “Yes, it has shown me that I prefer Environmental Engineering.”
Zachary: “It has allowed me to gain more of an interest in heat and energy systems.”


Valuable Skills and Knowledge Gained

Sana: “I became a bit better at talking in groups I’m not familiar with.”
Vijay: “The CV and interview workshop will help me apply for universities and future jobs.”
Zachary: “The ability to think outside of the box related to heat and energy.”


Final Thoughts

Vijay: “It was very fun, thank you for running it.”
Zachary: “Just enjoyed my time being here. Overall, a good work experience and would highly recommend”


Bristol City Leap is committed to delivering a minimum of £61.5m of social value to the city over our first five years including over 1,000 new jobs, apprenticeships and work placements. The experience of Sana, Vijay, and Zachary at Bristol City Leap underscores the importance of providing hands-on learning opportunities for young individuals interested in sustainability and decarbonisation. In the weeks following the work placement, one of the students, Zachary, was accepted into the Arcadis degree apprenticeship. He attributed his success to his experience at Bristol City Leap, stating, ‘Without the experience, I wouldn’t have been accepted’. We are proud to have played a part in shaping their understanding and igniting their passion for creating a cleaner, better future. Here’s to inspiring more young minds and growing the next generation of  leadership for Bristol!

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