Project Overview:

Our Social Housing Retrofit Project is a new decarbonisation initiative launched in collaboration between Bristol City Council and Bristol City Leap. This project adopts a holistic approach to improving the energy efficiency of Bristol homes to enhance internal comfort, reduce energy bills, and mitigate energy usage during colder months. With thousands of such properties in Bristol, the project can have a transformational impact during the cost-of-living crisis, creating warmer homes that are more affordable to heat, whilst also cutting carbon to support Bristol’s action on climate change.

Resident Interview – Dale’s Testimonial:

Meet Dale, one of the beneficiaries of the project underway in Bristol’s Brentry area. Dale shares his firsthand experience of the transformation brought about by our delivery process:

“Hi, I’m Dale. I’m one of the tenants who had all this work done. I’ve had new windows, new walls, insulation, and new panels on the walls, guttering, and roofing. I’m having solar panels fitted.

The downside is yes, there has been a bit of upheaval, but it started back probably in November. It’s gone on because of the horrible British weather, but it’s well worth it. It looks good, the warmth feels better, and you can walk in and leave the heating on, and it stays there. The heat will stay rather than sort of going out straight away. Now it’s all been done, heating lasts two hours, you know what I mean. It just keeps the heat at the house level.

The damp is better as well. Now we’ve had a bit of damp previously, that’s got better, with special vents put in the bath and the kitchen to help condensation. So, that’s all good. It’s amazing. I can’t thank them enough, really. It’s just good and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Dale’s testimonial underscores the tangible benefits of home energy improvements. Beyond aesthetics, the project has substantially improved living standards for residents like Dale, offering enhanced comfort, reduced energy consumption, and better damp control. Residents have also noted how much quieter their homes are with reduced street noise due to the good quality windows, doors and external wall insulation.

Dale’s experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness and impact of retrofitting initiatives in creating healthier, more sustainable homes.

Are you interested in having your home retrofitted? We are currently delivering the Bright Green Homes scheme which provides free energy-saving measures to those living in within the boundaries of Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and Bath and Northeast Somerset Council. To find out if you meet the eligibility criteria, click here.