Meet the Team

Welcome to our ‘Meet the Team’ page, where you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the exceptional individuals in our management team who are driving the transformative initiatives at Bristol City Leap. Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, each contributing their unique expertise to shape a sustainable and vibrant future for our city.

Mark Apsey profile

Mark Apsey

Managing Director UK Operations – Bristol City Leap

Mark provides management oversight and governance on all our projects and services ensuring our teams have the resources and expertise to exceed our customer expectations.

David White

Operations Director – Bristol City Leap

David oversees all of Bristol City Leap’s day-to-day activities and leads our operational relationship with Bristol City Council.

David White profile
Dominic Barton profile

Dominic Barton

Director – Vattenfall Heat UK

Dominic leads the Vattenfall team working to bring new low-carbon heat networks to Bristol.

Steve Ransom

Operations Manager – Bristol City Leap

Steve leads our large-scale renewable projects – finding parcels of council land where we can develop solar, wind or batteries to help achieve the 2025 decarbonisation target. His second main area is employment and skills: working with local organisations to get more people into our sector so we have the resources we need to address the climate emergency.

Steve Ransom profile
Hannah Spungin profile

Hannah Spungin

Implementation Manager – Bristol City Leap

With expertise in the construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, Hannah delivers complex projects, bids for and delivers grant programmes and leads our Domestic team.

James Sterling

Communications and Engagement Manager – Bristol City Leap

James is responsible for the organisation’s internal and external communications strategy, brand development, community engagement and the delivery of our social value commitments.

James Sterling profile
Jon Sankey profile

Jon Sankey

Head of Business Development – Vattenfall Heat UK

Jon is responsible for driving the growth of Vattenfall’s Heat Network in Bristol. Jon sits within a dedicated Vattenfall Bristol team with extensive experience of developing heat networks in Bristol.

Richard Lowe

Development Manager – Bristol City Leap

Richard’s team leads in the early stage of identifying, financing, scoping, and getting approval for non-heat network projects. He also represents Bristol City Leap at all the various Service Working Groups and ensures processes with the client function are working efficiently.

Richard Lowe profile
Selene Molina Blanco profile

Selene Molina Blanco

Head of Engineering – Vattenfall Heat UK

As Lead Engineer South, Selene and her team develop and deliver highly effective low carbon solutions to the challenge of decarbonising heat.