Are you passionate about sustainability and taking action against climate change? Bristol City Leap offers internship opportunities that could kickstart your career journey.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the experiences of two interns, Maryan, and Tanaka, who became part of the Bristol City Leap team through the Green Skill program at the University of the West of England (UWE).

Maryan, a Marketing/Legal Intern, embarked on a 6-week adventure with Bristol City Leap. Let’s explore what drew her to this unique opportunity. Maryan’s attraction to Bristol City Leap stems from its status as a relatively new organisation. It presented a chance to face fresh challenges, shoulder more responsibility, and experience a steep learning curve.

Championing Sustainability

Bristol City Leap’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, coupled with initiatives like Bright Green Homes and the expansion of Bristol’s heat networks, struck a chord with Maryan’s passion for a greener future.

A Game-Changing Collaboration

“The partnership between Bristol City Council, Ameresco and Vattenfall positions Bristol City Leap as a trailblazer. It provides a distinctive platform for interns to make a substantial impact.”

Tanaka, an Electric Vehicle (EV) Project Intern, embarked on a 4-week journey to explore the renewable energy sector. Here’s what fuelled his decision to join Bristol City Leap.

Academic Spark

“My construction-focused degree and participation in the Green Skills Programme at UWE ignited my interest in renewable energy. Bristol City Leap offered the perfect canvas to apply this knowledge and delve deeper into the sector.”

Passion for Sustainability

“My dedication to environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change aligns seamlessly with Bristol City Leap’s mission.”

Maryan and Tanaka were pleasantly surprised that their internships exceeded their initial expectations. Maryan gained hands-on experience, taking charge of tasks that enriched her technical skills. Tanaka had the opportunity to analyse the performance of EV charging points, gaining valuable insights into the generation and utilisation of green energy.

These internships proved to be significant catalysts for personal and professional growth. Maryan honed her time management, communication, and teamwork skills, while Tanaka added essential IT skills, including Power BI data analysis, to his toolbox.

Moreover, both interns expressed how their time at Bristol City Leap influenced their future career aspirations. Maryan found her path in the green sector, while Tanaka uncovered numerous opportunities within the renewable energy field.

Maryan encourages future interns to embrace curiosity, explore various sectors, and seize ownership of their internships to extract the maximum benefit from the experience. Tanaka wholeheartedly recommends Bristol City Leap as an exceptional platform for developing expertise in renewable energy.

Bristol City Leap’s innovative approach to decarbonisation serves as a beacon for global efforts in combating climate change. Projects such as providing green energy for EVs, and district heating networks underline Bristol City Leap’s substantial impact and capacity to inspire other entities to follow suit.

Maryan and Tanaka’s internship experiences at Bristol City Leap exemplify the potential for both personal and professional growth in the field of sustainability. If you’re passionate about environmental sustainability and the just transition, an internship with Bristol City Leap could help you to get on a path towards changing the world for the better.

Bristol City Leap doesn’t just lead in sustainable energy; it also nurtures a welcoming and motivating work environment. Both Maryan and Tanaka said they felt supported and valued throughout their internships, making their experiences all the more fulfilling. We thank them for choosing our organisation as a place to learn and grow their skills, as well as the brilliant contributions they’ve made to our projects.

If you are interested in an internship or placement at Bristol City Leap you can reach us on our contact page; tell us what interests you about Bristol City Leap and what you hope you get from working with us.