Bristol City Leap has joined forces with the Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership to share news, information and engage the Partnership’s members in the delivery of Bristol City Leap’s projects. Through this:

  • Bristol City Leap updates will be shared regularly with all members via the Partnerships’ channels;
  • Bristol City Leap will connect with the Community Climate Action project and gather insights and recommendations to inform its business plan;
  • Bristol City Leap will provide expert insight on energy systems to Community Climate Action community partners; and,
  • Bristol City Leap will comment on just transition issues that will be incorporated and explored as a part of the Climate Action Programme.

James Sterling, Bristol City Leap Communications and Engagement Manager, says, “Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership plays a pivotal role in our  transition to becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030. We are really excited to be working with the Partnership to deliver a transformational series of projects which will not only cut carbon, but will also provide significant social value, making the city a better place to live, work and learn.

“It is vital that we continue to work with the whole city to ensure that our journey to decarbonisation is fair and leaves no one behind.  We know that Bristol Climate & Nature Partnership’s dedication to this aligns perfectly with Bristol City Leap’s existing commitments to inclusive, green growth.”

On Thursday 2 March, BGCP is holding a monthly Green Mingle event, and will be joined by Bristol City Leap colleagues, with James Sterling scheduled to speak.

Lizzi Testani, Chief Executive Officer of Bristol Green Capital Partnership, says, “Bristol City Leap is a major step forward in Bristol’s journey towards becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030. By connecting Bristol City Leap with organisations and businesses in the city, we aim to support a more inclusive implementation of Bristol City Leap and boost climate action – we are excited to be working together towards these mutual aims to engage communities and businesses to maximise the opportunities for inclusive climate action across Bristol.”

For further information on the BGCP, read about the Community Climate Action Project here and the Climate Action Programme for businesses and organisations here.