Could the transition to net zero be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tackle systemic inequalities and improve the quality of life for people locally and globally?

On 13 June will be attending Bristol Green Capital Partnership‘s Gathering – a city conversation on just transition.

The importance of a ‘just transition’ is increasingly gaining traction. It recognises that climate action and social justice are interlinked and need to be tackled together. As Bristol, the UK and the world continue to decarbonise, efforts must be made to ensure this happens in a way that improves rather than worsens existing inequalities. Bristol City Leap is supporting the event and we’ll speaking on how we can play our part in just transition.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Gathering event is taking place on Tuesday 13 June at The Trinity Centre to hold a city-wide conversation about the just transition – what it means for Bristol, its residents, and organisations; why it’s important, what’s happening already and what change is needed.

It will be a space for people with a range of perspectives and experiences to share ideas, learn from others and come away feeling inspired and motivated to help ensure climate action has fairness and equity at its heart.

The host for the event is Manu Maunganidze, who amongst many roles is a Partnership Director and the day’s keynote speaker will be Ed Atkins, a senior lecturer working on energy transitions and energy justice at the University of Bristol, who will give an overview of just transition.

You will hear from a range of speakers on how a just transition relates to energy, racial equality, business, jobs, power and participation, and Disability. Attendees will be able to discuss issues important to them in small groups. There will also be some creative contributions on the theme of just transition from the Bristol City Poet Kat Lyons and Ian Solomon-Kawall performing as KMT Freedom Teacher.

All are welcome and there is a keen interest for there to be representatives from business, community groups, the public and the third sector. It’s free to attend, but spaces are limited, so reserve your place.

After the main event has finished at 5pm, attendees are welcomed to stay until 7pm for drinks, light snacks and to continue conversations.

To reserve a spot at the event, please click here.